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I love NPR. Music stations can make you feel like you are stuck on repeat of a mixed CD. The same songs over and over. People, please. But then, there in the distance, on the hour, every hour, and during rush hour and some good hours on Friday night and Sunday, there is NPR to rescue me. I like a pop song just as much as the next person, but I don't think that I ever actually will "find [you] in a club with a bottle full of bub," but I do know people who have taken prozac which now appears to be causing suicidal tendencies. (I heard this tidbit before eyeing it on any other news source that day.)

I love the idea of multitasking, driving and getting abreast of what is, or is not, going on in the world. I can't watch news on TV anymore, unless it's BBC and then only when I'm actually in England, because the inane (trying to be) analytic dribble drabble that procludes from these people's mouths is too much for me to stand. I tell my father everytime that I am home that FoxNews is one of those broadcasts that actually does write its copy for people with an 8th grade education because that is there audience (if you didn't know, that's suppose to be the industry standard for level of writing, 8th grade, yeah I know). He just ignores me and continues to be "dumbed down." Newspapers are fine, but I don't have the dough to subscribe to them and reading a newspaper online just doesn't seem right to me. And so, when I get in my car and I'm just sick of hearing the same 4 songs, I check the clock and thank God that it is after 4 in the afternoon and there is information to be learned as I drive home. Some days, I even leave early in the morning so that I can hear the more in-depth news as I drive in (the closer you get to 9am the more "entertaining" the pieces get). I mean, all things considered I just need a little fresh air to handle this American life.

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