like a broken record

I realized two years ago that the generation growing up right now, the ones I teach have probably never seen a record and have no idea where the term comes from. I've lived in a time where I know the origin of a saying that I'm sure in the year 2045 will be written about or given talk time on TV for funny sayings from long ago. I now live in a long ago time. I feel old.

I'm tired, no, I'm exhausted and so my broken record just keeps repeating. We go about our days sometimes in a daze, in a haze, trying to get the things done that we so need to get done. And when we stop, sometimes we collapse, in a heap, in a pile, on the floor. I feel like this. I feel like collasping, giving in the towel and staying in bed. I'll press on, I'll get it done, but not without some neglecting of my friends and myself. I'm tired. I want a massage and sleep. But right now I'm going to have some Oreos and milk.

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