mini SUVS make me cry

Tonight going to my good friend's house to watch the finale of friends (um finally, thank God) I was driving to the middle of nowhere. I hate the suburbs and she and her fiance live so far out that it takes 30 minutes and $2.50 in tolls roundtrip from my apartment in town. So driving, I saw this mini cooper with the license plate "SUVS SUC." Now, I know we guzzle gas and are ruining the ozone, but I really wanted to pull his little mini over and challenge him to play chicken with my SUV. I'd squash him. He'd be like a crumple soda can after slamming into my Sport (luxury) Utility (hauling shoes and pretty purses) Vehicle. So, you mini man, watch who you're picking on.

And my best friend is getting married and sometimes this makes me cry. Like tonight, it finally hit me and I cried.

PS- I love mini coopers, being obsessed with all things British. But, don't mess with my SUV!

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