abstract impressionism

I went to Carytown today with my brother's little family. My 6 year-old nephew's artwork was being displayed in a window of a store there, part of a city-wide school art project. He was 1 of 2 children chosen from his 1st grade class to be placed for all the passersby to see. It was a great picture full of blue and red and purple and white and yellow. There was clearly a sky with clouds and then there are 2 distinct sections on the bottom. One blue square section takes up the majority of the picture with two building shaped things inside. To the right of the large blue square is a skinny blue rectangle with an American flag in it, just hanging out. I asked the little artiste what exactly he had painted and he shrugged. His grandmother said it was a house and then I asked "Well, is it a house that you thought up in your mind or a particular house?" He said he just thought it up. "All right, well, good picture little boy." I then began talking and playing with the little nieces when the artiste's mom states that the two buildings are "Our house and Annie’s apartment building." I turned my body and swung my head around, "What, my apartment building?" To which the little one said "Yeah" in his sweet, Well-what-else-could-it-be-? voice. I looked at the picture again and there it was in all the many colors. It was clearly a small one-story house sitting beside a 3-story brick apartment building. How did I not see it before? I said, "Well, look at that, I'm famous." And then the love swept over me. When a 6 year old paints your apartment building into a picture, that is love, real love.

Thank you my little A----baby. I love you too.

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