the mac and cheese of it

There is this guy I know, but he shall remain nameless, although I might be related to him. I adore this guy. He is one of the funniest people I know and whenever I am around him I know that we will be laughing so hard that we fall over. However, last night I discovered he is the biggest dork I know. And this is why.

We both love Apple. We are both obsessed with Apple. Like last week I emailed him about the new Apple Airport Express and he emails me back and is like “I was reading about it just when you emailed.” And then the next day he calls me and we chat for like half an hour about how the world really needs to know that Apple is so superior and really people would be happier if they just owned an Apple and businesses were run on Apples. We discover it is a futile attempt, but our love for Apple will never die.

This guy is a certified Windows programmer and even interviewed for a job at Microsoft so his love for Apple is even more special than mine. He converted about 4 years ago and has not looked back since. In fact, he’s a little mad at people who like PCs. He loves Apple so much that he gets magazines about Apple and somehow is in the loop of rumors about the new products they are creating. I know there are rumor websites and he probably surfs them. It’s all a business related obsession since he programs all day. I have to confess that if I understood all that computer jargon, I would be in on it too. I just don’t have time to learn all that stuff about computers, I just know I love Apple. I also know that he is my Apple lovin' hero and he is there to dispense knowledge should I have a technical quetions. He rocks my Apple lovin' world.

Well, so last night he was telling me about the last issue of Mac World. Alton Browngave an interview and developed a special recipe to celebrate Apple. The name of the dish is APPLE MACaroni and Cheese. “Ew,” he said. “Yeah, weird,” I said. Then, this guy that I adore,went on to tell me that at the last Mac Expo (or whatever) when Steve Jobs gave his closing statement, he had a friend over to his house during their lunch hour and they watched it on the internet while eating MACaroni and then for dessert they had APPLEsauce. Oh, dear one, I still, still, adore the heck out of you!

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