water water everywhere

In the last four days I have seen more rain than in my whole life. There was rain driving to Charleston and of course dear Gaston (apply French accent here) slammed into our vacation on the Isle of Palms. Saturday was off and on rain. At that point Gaston was a Tropical Depression, we called him bi-polar. I woke up on Sunday morning to a Tropical Storm. When I went to sleep there was a screened in porch beside the bedroom I was sleeping in, when I woke up, there wasn’t. The 11 girls who traveled to Charleston for a bachelorette weekend had to wait out the almost hurricane force winds. Every bridge was closed for hours. We were trapped. We watched movies and went back to sleep, the house shaking the whole time. When we finally left our barrier island we had to wait on the side of the road along with hundreds of others for the main bridge to reopen. And when it did and we launched up the high slope I called on angels to protect us. The winds were wild and the rain was pouring. Driving up 95, I beat the storm. I out ran it. It took me 5 hours to do so. And now, Gaston has caught up with me. I think this Frenchman has a crush. I wish he’d get the clue. I’m not interested.

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