happy birthday d.

D-ola, she’s a feisty one. She loves the Humpty Dance and Linda Richman. She is fun and silly and a great friend. We met at our sorority. She was the little sis of one of my roommates, but we probably didn'’t become good friends until my third or fourth year, her second and third. She joined the sorority before I did and eventually became president. And she was a good one, serious when needed and silly when totally needed.

We’ve been in wedding after wedding together and separate. We were neck and neck for while in total number. It just proves what a good friend she is and how people want her to be close to their important celebrations.

She was the first of our group to buy her own place. She’s grown up like that and we are all in awe. She has an important job with top-secret clearance. I like to pretend that she’s a spy and knows things we don’t know. She says she doesn’t read the scary stuff. Still, I like to pretend.

We have season football tickets for our college and I can always count on her to dance to the music on the loud speaker with me. And she is usually the first one to throw her hand out in Indian chop style and yell “and that’s a cavalier first down” with the announcer. That’s my favorite part of the whole game, the whole season.

I love this girl and wish I lived closer to her. I’m so thankful she’s in my life and a part of our group of friends. She rocks and dances like a super freak. She’s smart and logical and definitely a goon, in a semi-secret sort of way.

Happy Birthday D.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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