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Sent: Tuesday, April 08, 2003 6:35 PM
Subject: london day 4

Here is a mass email to you guys to fill you in on the day's haps.

Woke up late, tired after not sleeping well on Sunday night and walking all day yesterday. NO full story, but yesterday was London Eye then Westminster Abbey then HARROD'S!!! then the play "Mama Mia" So today, had planned to go to Madame Taussaud's, but seem to have lost my ticket that I prepurchased- such is life, but I will try to figure something out, still have the email receipt. So, decided to go grab some lunch since slept through "half past 10" continental breakfast at hotel. Went into a Mediterian shop and got a chicken scharwma- we call them gyros. It was much tastier than the ones we have in the states, authentic here probably. Then took it to Kennsington
Gardens to eat and map out the day. Decided just to stroll through Kennsington Gardens, as walking, spotted larg building to the right. Said to self "Is that Kennsington Palace?" Got out map and sure enough, I'm staying a block away fromt he royal dwelling. So, decided to stroll over
just to look and then decided , well let's take a tour, haven't been here in a while, why not. So, took tour and stolled along through the state rooms, took all the time I wanted and looked at everything carefull. Lovely! Also, special surprise! I saw the wedding dresses for Queen Victoria (my fav.) and Queen Eliz. II, and one other (can't remember), THEN, I to my absolute delight there was a room FULL of DIANA'S DRESSES. HORRAY!!!!!! And, my fav. one was there, the white sleeveless one with all the pearls on
the bodice and a long white skirt. So, then left the Palace and walked down the street over where all the Embassy's are. The buildings are old and so big and beautiful. I saw embassies for Romania, the Phillipines, Israel, and Russia. I'm sure there were others, but they didn't have posted signs. So, then that led me to High Street Kennsington where I took in some shopping. Went to Barker's, a dept. store here, then to Laura Ashley where
I bought some things. I know we have Laura Ashley in the states, but they are closing and actually it's cheaper here. Then to Marks and Spencer, the dept. side, not the grocery side. Then caught a bus back to hotel, got ready and off to Leciester (pronounced Lesster) Square to meet SJ (one of Tem's friends) for dinner. We ate at a Mexican restuarant and I think England is too far away from Mexico to know what Mexican food is. I had a "fajita chicken salad" which was just chicken on a salad, litterally
sprinkled with spices. Good, but not Mexican. Of course, you can arguer that our Mexican food isn't Mexican either, but there were no burritto, or chile relleno's on the menu. Then tubed it home, SJ went halfway with me and then to here to write you this email. That's my day. If you don't want more installments then let me know, otherwise you will be getting updates, probably everyday, as I have no one to talk too (save Mom, thanks for calling) and this is my connect with the poeple I love at home. Hope all is
well. Tomorrow the Tower of London or more shopping, well if you know me then I bet you'll know who wins!

Love ya,

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