my life in miniature form

My friend L. calls:

“Hey. Hold on.”

“OK,” I say wondering why you call someone to hold on.

“Come ‘ere Jake. Come ‘ere buddy,” I hear her in the background in her sweetest, motherly voice. Jake is her dog. She gets back on the phone. “Jake is going to throw up and I’m trying to get him to go outside. Oh god! Wait! Oh, the hardwood floors, that’s OK. Oh, no, not on the carpet! I’ll call you back.”

“OK,”I say.

And so, there’s that.

I left my cell phone at home last night and when I woke up this morning I felt like my left leg was missing. Useless info. for you right there.

I learned yesterday that putting a little bit of whole wheat flour and lemon zest into an already deliciouso blueberry muffin recipe, makes them even BETTER! Yummers!

They're mini-mufins and they're fabulous and you're jealous!

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