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It amazes me how much we Americans don’t know about the world that exists past our borders. We are an amazing nation. We are strong, brave, and passionate. But, we are also extremely egotistical and selfish. We help and we give and we are kind. But, we are also narrowly focused in our generosity. And I blame a lot of this on our media because, as Americans, we have amazing hearts. We feel deeply and we extend our hands, with out hearts on them, when we are needed, but we wait until our media informs us. We are lazy in our education because we are so privileged. We forget that most of the world can only dream of the life we live.

I met a girl a few weeks ago. We had coffee today. She and her family are here seeking asylum from Zimbabwe. She’s white and was one of the privileged in her country until a dictator started doing this. And just look at the date, 2002. I didn’t know about what was happening in Zimbabwe until I met this girl. She’s been run out of her homeland and given nothing in return. It’s all political and partly related to race, but if you do more research, you’ll find that this is also going on. And I just believe that no matter what is at the heart of an argument, no one, NO ONE should be harmed. EVER.

I will never understanding evil and the corruption of power. But my heart hurts, not only for Zimbabwe, but also for all of Africa because it is the Dark Continent on so many levels and we need to shine the light on it and help Africa stand on its own feet and restore its dignity. Because all people deserve at least that, dignity. So,go here and sign up and respond to the emails they send you.

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