happy birthday l.

L. is one of those friends you can’t believe you found. She is kind, sincere, funny, tough as nails, sensitive as photo paper, a partier, a doer, totally chill, sarcastic, and well, just fabulous.

L. is a kindergarten teacher whom I met my first month in Richmond. I was a little intimidated by her and her stern voice and complete control of her classroom. I was so wrong. She is one of the kindest teachers I’ve seen and by far, one of the best. She has taught me so much about teaching and about life.

She deserves of above all things to have a family, one that stems from her. A child deserves her as a mother because she would be one of the best. She’d show them the world and yet she’d protect them from it. She'd push and guide them in just the right places. She certainly does that with her friends and I’m so glad to be part of her friend family.

And her husband, well, he’s worthless. And he knows I’m joking, but ha, I got it on the internet. Take that Worthless! But, this is not about him. He’s a good guy. He likes to hunt while L. stays home and talks to me for way to many hours on her cell phone. He puts up with her girly talks to co-workers she has just spent the day with. Yep, that’s right, teachers go home and call each other and we gossip about you and your kids or you as a kid, or whatever. It’s our watercooler moment because we don’t have watercoolers!

Well, Son of a Biscuit Eater, it’s L.’s birthday. I hope that Dr. Suess comes to visit her and that she realizes how freaking amazing she is. I’m so glad I happened into her classroom 2 years ago and that she welcomed me, with open arms, into her life.

Happy Birthday L.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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