happy birthday d-ola

D. is an old sorority sister and fellow Goon. We formed a semi-secret society within our sorority one year. Why? Because we’re really weird and absolute goons, hence the name of our semi-secret society, The Goons. We have semi-secret rituals. We have semi-secret greetings, that we'll do in front of anyone. So, why semi-secret? I don’t know, but if I did I could only semi-tell you and then I’d have to semi-kill you.

D. is all grown up and responsible with a good head on her shoulders. She is also looking FABULOUS these days. She’s been working on her figure and it shows. She’s making me a little jealous. She’s a gorgeous girl, both inside and out.

D. recently spent the night with me on our way to baby shower for a fellow Goon. And even though I hadn’t seen her in probably 6 months, it was like we just hung out yesterday. That’s what's great about her, she’s always at ease and comfortable even when it’s been a long time.

I’ve said it a million times; I love football games with her. We both indulge in the stadium hotdogs and hot chocolates. This year, I’m totally bringing (sneaking in) the chocolate liquor again, that was fabo! I can’t wait to dance with her. We made up our own dance to a particular song that they play on the loud speaker and she’ll do it with me every time. She loves making a fool of herself too. And that’s why I adore her. That’s why she’s a Goon.

I hope she’s having the Gooniest birthday ever! Happy Birthday D-ola!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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