blind in one eye

It's big news to me. It's the confirmation that I am, in fact, getting older. My eyes have gone. Well, one eye has. I have to get glasses, all the time glasses. I've worn reading glasses for years. I like them. I like the idea of slipping on something that brings a book even closer to me and makes me look a little smarter too. And I like glasses. I think they are beautiful and a great fashion addition, but there is a difference liking glasses and truly needing them. My reading glasses are more of a psychological frill. They are such a slight prescription that they don't carry them in drugstores. I have to have them made and do I really need them, well, no. But now, now I know that one eye is 20/25 and the other eye is sooooo not. I've known actually for about a year, but the last eye person was a bit of quack and never figured out a true prescription to help me so she just sent me on my one eyed way. I wised up to her and this time I went to see a very caring eye Dr. and he was so patient and thorough and that little precious bearded guy fixed my one bad eye. God love him. So now is the task of finding the frames that ascert my personality, subtlely show my flair for whimsy and make me look brilliant at the same time. Right now there are three contenders and Lord help me if I can make a decision. When all is said and done I might even show you a picture of them.

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