in which i'm totally a techie, but still a girl

I got a new phone. Not because I needed one, but because it needed me. My phone, my wonderful old flip phone (my first) was just making me sad. I loved him so much when he was pushed into my hands, but this new one, this upgraded, uptraded one is all sparkly and wonderful and I'm sorry, but I haven't looked back at the little Motorola that had no camera, could not recieve pictures and voice calling or bluetooth - what are those. But my new baby, my baby rzr is all pink and all girl even though she does eveything the grey ones do. You go girl. And if I had you number I would totally text you cause that stuff is cool yo. I will say though that I do love it when cool phones are totally free. Want to see a picture of my Christams tree? Send me your number.

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