an almost perfect day

I awoke to a beautiful day, an almost California day. The sun was bright, the temperature was in the 70s, no humidity. and the sky was impossibly blue. I took a walk through the neighborhood and smelled the fresh cut of grass and heard the wind pushing the leaves around above me. Then home for a quick shower and a short walk to lunch with a friend. Then playing in the pool with the kiddies. Then home to open the windows and cook dinner, hot and ready when my parents arrived. My parents brought loads of fresh tomatoes and squash and green beans and bell peppers and parsley and basil, all from my father’s garden. Some tomatoes were cut and frozen, some made vibrant, fresh salsa and many are left for tomato sandwiches or still to ripen in a windowsill. And now that the day is done and the dishes are washed, I just wish I had someone to kiss.

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