happy birthday g.

G.L. is what we like to call her, but it’s not her favorite. She prefers just G. When I met her and she was introduced or referred to as G.L., I thought that was her first name. I knew she was from Texas and then Tennessee so the idea of a double name is not uncommon. I didn’t know for at least 2 years that G. was her whole first name and L. was her last name. And I still can’t help from yell G.L. when I see her, elongating her last name with a smile on my face.

G. is amazing. She has a gazillion friends in all walks of life. She is especially good at finding boys who like boys, but don’t know it yet. Several men have come out of the closet under her friendship. And she has no idea why this keeps happening. We think she’s just good at letting people be who they truly are around her. She’s good like that.

This past February she ran a marathon. That’s right, a marathon, in New Orleans. She raised like $2000 for her run to benefit AIDS research. She rocks.

But the best thing I love about G. is that she has such a full life with work and friends that she will often fall asleep on you. Late at night, talking girl talk with a group of friends, there sits G., eyes closed, head bobbing. We love her. We love that she is so tired and yet doesn’t want to miss what we’re saying. We love that she tries with all her might to stay awake and when we call her on it, she denies it or just laughs and we know that’s just her. That’s G. being an amazing friend.

Happy Birthday G.L.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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