defcon 5

Like a terrorist in my body it went from area to area wreaking havoc. I’ve beaten it once before, but this time the demon can back like it had a vendetta. Anxiety is not my friend, never has been. But, I can usually quell the familiar sensations, the racing thoughts, the knot in my stomach, the panic. There have just been too many changes, too many people getting married, school starting, and other things in life and my mind could not process it all. So, it just gave up and shut down. It will all be good. I’ve got my own little team of homeland security specialist on the case and we are waging a war. Sometimes, you just need to step back, slow down and take a deep breath. That is what I’m doing. I love my friends. J. in Texas who totally understands. J. in DC who calls to check in. And poor PK who’s bridal party is falling apart. And my cousins, B. and B. who have seen it up close and personal and who don’t shy away. They wrap their arms around me over the phone. And I love them.

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