happy birthday b.c.

B. is a long time friend from college. I met her through another roommate who ended up being an evil person. B., however, is an angel, a saint. When we lived together we had our own wing of an apartment. There were many days when I would go looking for B. and there she was, in her room, up in her study loft, a book in her lap, fast asleep.

She is a nurse and an amazing one at that. She was honored in college by all sorts of organizations, even secret ones. She is modest in her achievements, but she works her ass off. She is committed to doing her job well. And now, after more schooling, she is a nurse practitioner and can prescribe drugs. She’s my new best friend!

She loves “I Love Lucy” and every time I see a show I think of B. I think of sharing a bathroom area with her and all the hairspray residue that landed on my sink. I remember the line of guys calling and sending her presents from Tiffany’s. And I remember a story about a cop in an elevator. And I remember how she loved Captain Morgan’s.

She’s married now and on her way to making a family. T. is a great guy who loves her dearly. He asked her to marry him through a letter that she read while they walked together on the beach. He’s amazing and a great-designated driver when B. and I have had too much to drink at wedding we never attended. He’ll even stop at 7-11 on the way home to buy us more booze and munchies. He’s a winner and so is B.

I’m happy to know her and I’m happy she’s slightly older than me. Every week counts! Happy Birthday B.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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