i have no idea what is wrong with me

I was fine all day until around 6:35pm. Maybe I was coming down from the sugar high induced by the 2nd piece of chocolate ice cream cake from my nieces 4 year-old birthday party. But, something just snapped. I’ve been cooped up in my apartment all weekend, by choice. Sometimes, I just need to get away and hide so this weekend was the weekend that that got done. It all sounds fabulous and relaxing in the beginning. Friday night was “spa night” where I used products on my body, face, and hair that are reserved for once a month detailing. Saturday I was going to go to the gym to do some yoga, but when my nap interfered with that plan I decided to have a complete veg. out day. I watched TV for like 12 hours straight. That is no good, especially since there were no veg. out movies on. What is wrong with people who plan weekend television? Don’t they know that single girls need a channel devoted to chick flicks 24-7? And if not a channel, then for hells sake, give us a weekend!!!!!! Today was interrupted by the birthday party then dinner at my sister-in-laws parents’ house. After dinner I decided I would go see Phantom of the Opera. Yes, by myself. I do this. It makes me powerful and fabulous. I was psyched cause it’s one of my favorite musicals and seeing it on the big screen was getting me all anxious. I even brought my knitting. That’s right, I knit in the movie theatre. More fabulousness, now shut it! But, when I walked up to the ticket counter 15 minutes early I saw that the movie had already started, the listing on the internet had the wrong time. I was miffed, then I saw the word “sold.” I was crushed. I scanned the other movies, but they were buddy movies, ones you go see with friends. Phantom was a loner movie and I was sad. I drove down Broad toward home knowing that I would pass another movie theatre and check their time. No Phantom was listed, crushed again. So, I decided to go Barnes and Noble, one of my favorite places and to which I even have a gift card. But, after perusing the isles of cheap books and the chick lit and the bestsellers, I found nothing. In fact, this wave of hopelessness came over me and in the middle of Barnes and Noble with Allison Krauss lulling in the background, I had the urge to fall to my knees, hands raised and scream “I have no idea what is wrong with me.” Then I went home, dissatisfied and still a little confused. Maybe I’m just lonely. Maybe a weekend of shutting out the world is not a good thing. Maybe I’m just pre-menstrual. If so, watch out!

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