dear sir,

I have a crush. It’s on you.

You’ve shown up on my New Year’s Eves for the last two years. I remember exactly the moment that I noticed you. It wasn’t anything spectacular. You weren’t saving a child from a burning building. You simply walked into the room and opened your mouth. My heart sat up and said,“who’s that” and the hairs on the back of my head stood on end. From then on it’s been hard getting you out of my head. I get better and better at forgetting you and then you show up again and there goes another few months of waiting until you are at the back of mind again. I wasn’t ready for this and honestly it quite sucks.

I normally run from boys, especially the single ones. If a single boy says “hello” to me then I usually do an about face and leave the room because the “hellos” lead to “how are you” and then “would you like to have a drink sometime” and then dating (and who has time for that) and then marriage (and who needs all that commitment) and then children (and while I love them I don’t want them in my house 24-7 under my care).

But, with you sir, I want all the “hellos” your breath can offer. I want the “how are you’s” every morning. I want to sit beside you and talk about everything. I want to know about your eyes and whether you mother doted on them when you were a child and told you they were the color of the sea. I want to run my fingers through your hair because no one should have such amazing hair devoid of fingers running through it. I want to listen to music with you for hours on end and decipher the undecipherable lyrics. I want to talk to you on the phone all through the night until the morning because you live a world away from me. I want to visit you and brighten up your home with girly things and I want you to move here and be here and let this happen and above all I want to tell you all these things, but I am so absolutely scared. You’ve shaken my unshakable world kind sir and I’d like to have it back on steady ground please.


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