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Sent: Wednesday, April 09, 2003 6:29 PM
Subject: London day 5

Long day today. Woke up on time for breakfast then headed out to Madamme Tussaud's, they took my email receipt thankfully. Saw some fun things, but there were only 2 rooms of notable, recongizable figures, disappointing. Then, SHOPPING, went to Piccadilly Circus on to Jermyn Street (thanks to my Auntie A. for the tip). There was a shop called Floris which mixes fragrances and is the fragrance maker for the Queen. The stuff is AMAZING!!!! Then to Fortum and Mason, a really posh food hall with lovely British food stuffs. Then to Regent Street to Liberty. The fabrics were amazing, but at $40 at meter I just looked. Though bought a bag or two for me and mum (sorry to ruin the surprise). Then on to Hamley's, the best toy store and bought some things for the neices and nephews for Christmas or sooner if I can't wait. Ate lunch at a chain type italian place, actually quite good. Then to Leicester (pronounced Lesster- don't know why) Square to buy a half price theatre ticket for tonight. Then decided to see what movies were playing and noticed Harry Potter still on the bill and thought, why not see HP in the land in which it was concieved as I haven't seen the second movie yet (yes mom, after the movie I went straight and enrolled in the London School of Witchcraft and Wizardry- I thought you'd be proud). Then flew home on the tube to drop shopping bags and freshen up then took a cabbie back to Leicester (remember it's Lesster) Square. The ride was great, went round Hyde Park past the Marble Arch, plast Claridges and so many other fancy things. Then made it just in time for the movie. There was a family of two young children in front of me and every so often they would ask their mum something in their little Bristish accents, it was bloody brilliant. Then time for dinner and I wondered around and around trying to find a place that wasn't Pizza Hut (how sad) and landed on a very small resturant where I finally had fish and chips. The waitress asked if I wanted ketchup, I had to ask for vinegar (what's that about?) Those of you who know old London there used to be Fish and Chips on every corner (about 10 places). Now, I really have to search, there definnately aren't any that I've see where you take it away. I asked SJ last night about it and he said it is because of McDonald's and the like. And after seeing McDonald's, Burger King, Subway, KFC, Pizza Hut, TGIFriday's, Ben and Jerry's, Hagen-Daz, and Baskin Robbins on every street, I understand. Sometimes I understand the term "the bloody Yanks." So, part of London is dying I think, but what can you do, you can't live in the past forever. Also, haven't seen any signs of people having tea in the afternoon, but maybe that was dying 12 years ago too, but my family sought it out. I make sure to have tea every morning just on principal! Then on to the play, I got tickets for a new musical here call "Our House." It is written by and based on the music of Madness, a British band from the 80s. It was a great play about a London romance, I hope it makes it to the states. Then tubed it home to here to write to you again. Alright, ta ta for now, more tomorrow night I think.

Love ya,

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