out of left field

Sometimes we need to be bowled over. Sometimes we need the wind knocked out of us. It makes us stop and look around. It makes love a little deeper. And sometimes, we need to be the bowlers, the wind knockers.

I crawled up the gravel road with butterflies in my stomach. It must have been the excitement and the anticipation. I decided to gun it and started laying on the horn. My windows were down, the bass turned up and the radio on full blast. I was hoping they could hear me inside.

Before I reached the driveway I realized that P. was no longer behind me. But the cacophony of horn blowing could not be stopped; you can’t unhear a car horn in your front yard. So, I kept going and pulled in, hand still on the horn.

A. came sailing out to through the garage with an open mouthed smiled, an in-between of aw and happiness. Her hair was pulled back and she had no makeup on. We had done it. We had successfully surprised her for her birthday.

I got out of my car and proceeded to scream at her “Yeah, whatever, I’m not running errands, I’m freaking driving to your house!” I was laughing and yelling and she was being in shock and all the while P. was no were to be found. “Someone else is here, but I can’t tell you who?” And then, like she came out of the dust, P. came RUNNING up the driveway. Her car had gotten stuck in the gravel, oh that Lil’ P.

Champagne, a caramel coated cake (thankyouverymuch) and dinner out followed the surprise attack. 3 old college roommates who hadn’t been together in one place in years were together again. Poor H., he had to put up with A LOT of girl yapping. But, that’s why he drives.

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