it’s in the bag

I have a purse situation going on. I love purses, love them. And I have a lot of them. The other night a friend’s husband was giving her friendly grief for another purse purchase. Her girlfriends stood beside her and defended the purchase. Kristin said that a girl needs at least 8 purses. “Or 20,” I said under my breath. The husband laughed. “Or more, I might have more than 20,” I confessed because when I tried to visualize the purses I definitely got a visual of more than 20 purses spilling from my closet, hanging from door knobs, and hanging from the display hooks on my bedroom wall.

Purses are like art to me. The thought and calculation that goes into the design is fascinating. And the shapes and fabrics can create a purse that is just sexy. I have one orange leather purse that when it is sitting in my passenger seat in my car, I sometimes reach over and pet it, like a dog. I realize this is weird, but the leather is so smooth, so clean, and the design is so simple, so perfect. I can’t help but let that precious purse know how much I love it.

And yesterday I bought another one. That makes 2 this summer. That brings my summer purse total alone to eight and I’m not including the neutral colored ones like brown and black. I know that this seems excessive, but I adore my purses and I get compliments on them all the time. Boys even comment from time to time, so in the scheme of things, maybe it’s not so crazy after all. Maybe the man I’ll love will love my purses too and when he compliments them, well, then it’s in the bag baby!

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