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I’ve decided that my passion is writing, probably always has been though I didn’t know it. It took this blog to point it out to me and I’m so very grateful for that. This little bit of Internet space that not very many people visit has changed my life in so many ways. But mainly, it’s opened the door to writing and reading and I couldn’t love that more.

I’ve spent my holiday with friends and family and books. I’ve read more this break than I have in almost 3 months. And you know what, reading rocks my face off. It changes you and challenges you and pushes you and takes you so far away from yourself. I forget this from time to time until I find a book that opens the world of literature up to me again and suddenly every written word is music. Dear Lord I’m cheesy, but that what’s going on in my head right now, some cheese.

Last night, New Year’s Eve, I spent with my long-standing New Year’s Eve date and best friend, PK. We’ve spent New Year’s together since about middle school missing one or two at times because I had a concert or something to go to. She kisses me after midnight on the cheek shortly after she kisses her husband saying, “Someone has to kiss you on New Year’s.” I love her. She has my heart. I can’t wait to love the crap out of her children.

I always treat New Year’s as just another hurdle to cross, a usually disappointing festivity to endure and I choose to not make resolutions on principal. But, last night a girl stopped everyone and had us go around the room and announce our resolutions. I didn’t want to be the party downer exclaiming, “I resolve not to resolve,” and it would have been awkward to announce, “I’d like to make the boy in the next room fall in love with me,” and so I asked for help and the crowd made a resolution for me that I didn’t hear over the clamoring and cheering. It’s OK; I sternly resolve not to resolve anyway.

And on my way home after an hour long traffic delay getting there yesterday and another hour long delay tonight, I saw a shooting star. I saw one three years ago on New Year’s Eve going to the same party. I don’t know, I’m not so much into the stars aligning and fate and all that stuff, but I do think something is telling me something and so I made a wish. One I won’t share, kinda like my resolutions.

I will however do a little review of 2005:
- a new niece was born
- a friend got married
- I bought a digital camera that I don’t really take the pictures I thought I’d take with it and now pine for a better, more expensive Nikon D50
- I bought an iPod shuffle, you may think this is silly to note, it is not to me, I love my shuffle
- I “contributed” to an article in a wedding magazine about my cousin, which ran in February. There are “” there for a reason.
- I spent a family reunion weekend with my cousins which you may think is also lame except I love my cousins more than you love your cousins and it was one of the best weekends in my life.
- I got a massage and facial for the first time. I also got addicted to them and had another one two weeks ago.
- I discovered the Postal Service.
- I went to see David Gray, Paul McCartney and Wicked for FREE, yo!
- I also saw the Indigo Girls and Coldplay, not for free.
- I interviewed a few boys; none made it to the next round. Stupid boys.
- a friend very shyly announced she was getting divorced, a first.
- 4 baby friends were born
- I made friends with a British boy
- I became more fabulous

And the best thing about 2005 was (drum roll)
- I was quoted in the New York Times, baby! I never told you cause they used my real last name even though I asked the reporter if I could give her a fake one (who asks such stupid questions anyway?). It’s not that fabulous except to me it kinda is.

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