I believe in Karma, but not in the sense that it is a part of my whole belief system in that I am Buddhist because I’m not, Buddhist that is. I just believe that what goes around comes around and this is not something that eases my mind for vindication on others. I believe in Karma more for myself, my own wrongs and rights.

Two days ago, Karma came aknockin’ when I fell down some brick stairs. I had a bloody nose (which just happens, it’s genetic or something) and was just thinking about getting it to stop on my car ride home when I lost my footing on a lose brick and before I could correct myself I was on my butt (which is now sore in two places). I couldn’t move for several minutes after I fell and my brother stood behind me frantically and laughingly saying, “What do you want me to do?” “Just get me a tissue or something for my nose,” I demanded since the napkin I had been using was now on the sidewalk below me at an unreachable angle. He came back with a wet paper towel and I decided to try my footing. I couldn’t walk on it, at all. All signs were pointing to a broken foot and flashes of a summer forcibly spent in the reclined position were flashing before me. Eventually, after crawling and hopping, I found that I could put pressure on my heel and so I headed home where I iced, adviled, and elevated the foot as I slept. The next morning the same pain was there, no better, no worse. So, I trudged to the doctor and after X-rays found that it was just a sprain. I was so excited. I was getting a new lease on summer. But, then he wanted to give me some crutches and after I protested, he insisted so I obliged him and secretly decided I would use them to get out of the office and then no more. I hate crutches unless you really really need them, and then I love them. My heel was doing me just fine.

Today I can walk flatfooted and it’s a freeing sensation. The foot is still sore, but the crutches are the in the corner of my bedroom where they will remain. I am thanking the Karmic stars for not breaking my foot. I’m not sure what I did to deserve the sprain, but Karma doesn’t have to be an all out vengeful beast, sometimes it can just be a nudge to tighten up and fly right. I’ll be giving kisses and hugs for the next few weeks to anyone who wants them.

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