i not going to be your cousin anymore

The four year-old was still swaying in the hammock on the Oceanside porch while the three year-old was clamoring to return to the air-conditioning inside. This was the morning we were leaving, everyone in a state of rushing to pack and clean the rented beach house in preparation for the 2 to 6 hour long car rides home. The three year-old got in trouble for her declaration of a cousin-less future and the four year-old kept swinging. I’d spent a couple of hours myself in that hammock over the week. I read a lot, I swayed a lot and I even took a nap.

Back at home now in my bed with my Internet connection, I feel like the week never happened. Sometimes there are vacations that when you return to your home it’s as if you never left, like there was a hole in the time space continuum that encompassed the week. Sometimes I hate that feeling because if means you didn’t change enough. This beach trip was actually a relaxing one, which hasn’t always been the case for my family. The cousins played in the sand, in the water, and we even made up our own beach song that I continue to have running through my head. I read one and half books and got a little bit of a tan- the beach is not my favorite place on earth and thus I don’t spend hours upon hours on it.

It’s time to get back to my summer of nothing and then traveling again- there’s a trip to Nantucket in my future and maybe Texas too. I’ve got to rearrange my office too, not that that is exciting but it needs to be done even though I really just want to lie in my bed all day and read books and watch movies. Hmmm, maybe that’s what I’ll do anyway.

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