chopshop or how i didn't give my hair away or how i went back to middle school or how i went into debt for bangs

Febuary 2006 was a good month. Not only was I still in my twenties, but I got a great haircut and gave 10 inches of my hair to Locks of Love. It felt good and the free $50 haircut was to die for. Almost immediately after the ponytail was chopped, I decided that I would always do this, that I would continually grow out my hair and give it away. And get free haircuts. To my budget that sounded good. Plus it helps people. And that is the main reason. The main one.

So I did. I've been growing my hair out since that last cut. That's right, no haircut for over a year. And I rarely blowdry my hair so splitends are minimal which in my mind makes it grow faster, right? Right!

Today's appointment was at 6:30. I've been spreading the word like wildfire. I'm so over this hair. So. Over. It. The stylist was in for some major love come chop time except that time never happened. She convinced me that I was still one inch away. Hmmmmm. And then. AND THEN. She persuaded me to trim the ends at least. After I almost speared her with her own scissors, I let her and while she was washing my hair I suggested bangs. BANGS! Wah? And now, behold the bangs in their varied forms (also behold the most you'll ever see of my face, huzzah);

The bangs as hipster cool.

The bangs as blinders.

The bangs as Barbie doll legs on my face.

The bangs as they were in the 80's with a ponytail.

The bangs as I like them.

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