in which i talk about nothing

When you're single you wake up in the morning alone quite often.  When you wake up in the morning alone quite often you are fairly quiet and routinized. unless, of course, a friend calls you in the morning and as you answer the phone you realize you can't talk.  This happened a few months ago when I came down with a really bad case of I-have-no-voice-yet-my-job-requires-my-voice-throat-thing.  When I told a friend that I really didn't know how bad my voice was until I got to work, she was surprised.  "You don't talk in the morning?" she quipped, confused.  "Who did you want me to talk to?"  I replied to her-married-self.  "You don't talk to yourself?  I do a lot of self talk."  "Um, no," was my raspy answer. 
Do people do this?  Do you talk to yourself in the morning?  If you had no one to roll over to and ask for a morning kiss or announce the annoyance of their snoring the previous night, would you just talk to the wall?  I wouldn't.  I don't.  I get up, put on the coffee, do bathroom things, get dressed, fix coffee and lunch and goodby.  There is no chat time with the silverware, no fluffing the pillows ego with ohs and ahs.  I don't even respond when Matt Lauer says absurd things like claiming that VA Tech. should have locked down the campus after the first two shootings.  Hindsight Mr. Carmen Sandiego is 20/20. 
And so, this morning I awoke not knowing that I had a frog in my throat.  It's gone now- left behind is post nasal drip (yummy!), but I'm still wondering if I should create a morning song routine or a one minute monologue.  Maybe I should do scales or tell my-single-self "I'm good enough, smart enough, and doggonit people like me!"

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