my new mantra

I was raised in a very conservative household. This being said there was also a lot of chaos. You know the kind- "We put fun in dysfunctional." It's your almost typical American story, but recently I've begun to try to turn the heads in my family from perseveration to meditation. My new saying is "Let go and let Buddha." I'm not Buddhist though I respect those who practice it. It's more of my own version of the classic 12 steps "Let go and let God." The sustitution for me is all wrapped up in family dynamics. When I plug my mantra into a conversation where someone is certainly being analyzed and torn apart, laughter comes out. Laughter because we need it, because comedy is alwasy better than tragedy and also because God is too serious. If I used the classic saying then I'd get things like "That's right. Those demons should be banished." Wah! Yeah, I know. So I choose Buddha as my comic relief buddy. Buddha is my little fat comedian. He helps lighten the anger, sometimes even helps release it. And I am the happier for it. You should try it too. It's easy. When something is grating on your nerves (like I don't know, your entire family) just let go and let Buddha.

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