apples and oranges

Miraculously my blessed computer is now typing. I have no idea why it decided to go bananas and turn the letters "HJKL andM" into "1234 and 5." I took it to school today and I think maybe my baby didn't like being away from home. I wasn't that upset as my computer has been showing signs of trouble for a few months and I expect that everyday may be it's last day. I have an order to send it in to Apple but am terrified that they will wipe out the memory and start over with all the programs. This makes me want to run away with my sweet sick computer and try to nurse it back to health. But, I know I can’t do that. So I'll have to work on saving all my things like my music and documents and pictures. This is not that hard, just dump it on a disc, but I have a habit of rereading things and going through everything and reminiscing. What should take me about 2-3 hours will probably take me 2-3 days. I'm just sentimental like that.

My laptop is my baby. In fact, that's its name, My Baby. In the upper right hand corner of my Macintosh G4 Titanium is a tiny replica of my hard drive and the words "My Baby" underneath. My laptop is one of my best friends. Not like "Oh I can’t wait to go home and type on my computer." But kinda. And no, I'm not a computer nerd. I use it for writing and Internet and well… music and pictures and to watch movies and a to play a game for about an hour every 6 months or so. It's like a best friend who enjoys a good flick, listens to my favorite tunes, and doesn't disagree with my neurotic banter, AND travels with me almost everywhere I go. This current computer is 2 years old, but is still fabulous. When I bought my G4, my older G3 was only 2 years old and one of my brothers thought that I was crazy to buy another one and asked which one I liked better. I stated that it was like choosing between two children, it was like Sophie's Choice, the Apple Macintosh version.

If you like Macs then you LOVE them. There are few Mac people who could go either way, PC or Mac. I am quite obsessed with my Macs. I've had 3 so far and used pretty much every version they have come out with. They are beautiful, efficient, and easy to use machines. This is the first time I have ever had enough trouble with one that the friendly techies on the Apple help line couldn't solve. This is the first time they have asked for me to hand over my baby. I'm scared, but today with the typing fiasco I came to terms with having to let go for bit and let the experts do their thing. Then I realized that my G3 was still available. I couldn't wait to get home and dig it out, to feel the tall, black keys under my fingers. Pressing them is like pressing down on soft dough. It makes writing fluid and effortless. I miss that keypad.

When I opened the black chunky laptop I ran my hands over its edges. The design team at Apple gave the G3 PowerBook curves, like a woman. The edges are smooth and shapely; the sides of the computer make subtle "S" shapes. It's high fashion, computer style. I miss the friendly rainbow Apple at the base of the screen. It goes to show that Apple did not make a big enough impact on the world market to claim the rainbow Apple without bringing along the rainbow symbol and all of its stereotypes. Apple now goes for a sleek mono-colored, often white or grey, Apple, a more stylish replacement to its colorful twin. The rest of my G3 is simple and elegant. There are no extra buttons to "go straight to the internet," "open you’re email," or anything else that junks up a PC keyboard. There could be key functions that did those things for me of course, but I get to decide, Apple does not predetermine my preferences. I think the thing I love most about Apple is the company's adherence and strive for simplicity. Their computers have clean lines and their mice have one button, not five. Choices can complicate life. A simple gift, that is was Apple has given us in its computers.

PC people think that we Mac people are strange. "The whole world is Windows and you are using a Mac. You poor deluded youth," someone once told me. I told him he better step back and then began my rant on why Macs reign supreme. I was showing someone a keying shortcut on a Mac (like open Apple and s for save) and explaining the ease and simplicity of Macs and she said "Oh, they got those shortcuts from Windows." I said, "No you didn't" and then explained how Bill Gates just made a PC version of the perfected Mac interface because people were sick of having to remember which drive to boot up and save on. Deluded youth indeed. My cousin says she would rather go without a computer than own a PC, which is what she is currently doing. She gets her Mac on at work.

It's a far better place at the top of world my friends. Come to the land of milk and Apples, we are a friendly, simple-minded, and visionary bunch. And remember... as you sulk at us that almost every piece of music or visual media you hear or see has been touched by Apple.

*Anna is OK with being in love with her computer.

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