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On Monday I started the possibility of the process of buying my own place. I just met with a realtor, that's all, no paper-signing going on, no commitments, yet. It's a scary thing this idea of home ownership, signing away your life for 30 years. It's a good idea, financially, but mentally, is this good for me?

I have a few single girlfriends who have bought places. Two friends in Richmond bought houses. I think they have balls. Not that home ownership is that big of a deal, but a house is a big deal. I personally can't go that big. The mowing, the pruning, roof replacement, window washing, it's too much. I can barely handle keeping my 6-room apartment in orderly shape. I can just imagine the letters from neighbors that I would get concerning the jungle that would certainly grow outside my home. So a condo, a condo sounds good to me. It's like an apartment, but I'd get to paint the walls and a tax deduction.

Condo searching is hard. While I'm still in the beginning stages, I've already seen 3 in person and a bunch online. Nothing has caught my eye. I think I am waiting for the perfect one to just fall into my lap. I'm picky, but open-minded. I've told my realtor that I'm interested in city properties and no new construction. I want an old, lived in, worn and wise place. My very nice, my age, trying to sell me a place realtor took notes.

I checked for a ring. There was one. What does it say about me when the men I am not attracted to are married? Does that mean that somewhere out there there is someone who would love my winning personality and bright smile? Oh, this is not blog about me wanting a relationship. This is a blog about me wanting, something, a little more of myself, I guess. There are friends who say, "You will find him when you least expect it." A good friend who is getting married this summer tells every single girl who claims they are OK with being single that they should watch what they say because she felt the same way last year and poof she's getting married. Well, with my relationship phobias, I haven't been expecting it for um, 27 years so, um where is the unexpected? OK, I'm still not ready for all that commitment, so am I ready to commit to a condo? We will surely see.

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