hot for teacher

I woke up early this morning to a fog, a thick fog over the city. It nestled in the trees in the courtyard of my apartment building. It was tranquil and quieted the morning like a blanket of snow. I haven't seen a fog in years, probably becuase I sleep through them. But today, the fog mimiced the fog I've been under for the last few days. Not a bad fog, just a mindless, in a daze fog where I leave important, confidential documents on a copier, don't put an important piece of info. into folders, can't comprehend questions asked of me, can't understand what I am reading. I've been in a haze but, now, it's mid-day and the fog is gone, the sun has burned it away. It's the last day for teachers, my files are completed, I've helped other teachers clean up their rooms and mail letters home. School is out. We're done. One year down, a million more to go. But, for now, for the summer, I'm free. Plans for the beach, LA, and NYC are being made, and of course all the weddings. Happiness abounds with the sunshine raining down. Pool days and sleeping in and reading books and unexpected trips and movies and relaxation and freedom. It's good to be a teacher when it's summer in the city.

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