things undone

So, the list I made yesterday got completed up until lunch and then it all went south as I decided that is was raining out and I was tired and just needed a little rest. So, I popped in “Talk to Her” in the DVD player and when the first scene opens I realize I’ve already seen it. Oh well, I decide I’ll use the subtitles and see if I can figure out the Spanish on my own. About 30 minutes in, I crash. And it was the kind of sleep where you’re exhausted and just want your bed, but so tired that you can’t move. And it was off and on sleep. At one point, my mind fully alert and awake, I wanted to get up, but my body was still asleep so I’m trying with all my might to move an arm and nothing happens. It’s not a dream. This vegetable like state has happened all my life and I believe there is a name for it. It’s not a condition and doesn’t happen often, but the feeling of being paralyzed yet still awake is scary. Eventually I give up trying to move and drift back into R.E.M. Sleep being more peaceful than the fight.

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