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Happy Birthday A.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What to say about A.? Only she will know what the title of this post means. She is a dear college friend whom I lived with for 4 years, 4 crazy party filled and chilled out years. When I first met her I didn’t think I liked her because she is so honest that it can be abrupt at times. Then, her roommate went home for an extended time due to illness and A. and I became good friends and I saw her kinder, gentler side. I ended up staying in her roommates bed quite often because my roommate was a freak of nature and I just needed to get away even if it was across the hall. I’m so glad we became friends and that she is in my life.

A. is the kind of friend who is there for you no matter what. She’ll be there to help you move in to your new apartment or celebrate you graduation a year after she celebrated her own. She is honest and doesn’t judge. When confronted with people who are quite strange she says, “it takes all kinds to make the world go round.” We use to rag her in college because the words “my mommy says” preceded almost every piece of factual or advice laden talk. Well, her mommy did a great job. She is a great girl and a good friend.

She married a few years ago. He is a boy who counteracts all that we college friends thought she was. He is country and mild mannered and loves hunting and listens to country music and watches racing. A. was a bit wild in college so when we found out her choice we were a little confused. It turns out that the domesticated life filled with good cooking and family all around is really her true self. Her in-laws love her as much as we do and she has found a niche for herself and her husband. They are beginning to build a house on 20 acres of land in the country soon. I tell her that as soon as she puts a pool in I’ll be there.

I bow to A. and P. land on this auspicious day and bid you a good one. May tiny pictures from walmart decorate the halls. Happy Birthday, ~ Azafata.

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