a perfect day

My house is filled with flowers. There are snapdragons in my living room and Gerber daisies and tulips. There are vases filled in my bathroom, bedroom, guestroom, and kitchen. I don’t know the names of all of them, but they are beautiful. Vases filled with one single type of flower except for my dining room. The center of my dining room table holds my bouquet of pink and green gorgeous blooms.

My cousin B. is now a Mrs. She was beautiful as a bride, amazingly so. She was a princess bride and I was one of her princess bridesmaids. We walked before her down the isle and watched her husband tear up as she approached on her father’s arm. We stood and supported their union, smiling the whole time.

Then we ate and danced. Then we danced some more and more. The party was filled with great music and beautiful people. We said goodbye through a cloud of bubbles and as B. and R. pulled away in their white Bentley I waved although I’m sure they were looking only at each other.

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