christmas card fraud

*warning: this may offend, but remember that i love you

I take Christmas cards seriously. I search high and low for the perfect one. Of course I get them the day after Christmas when they are on megasale, but I find the best ones I can. Even before Christmas I go through the unmarked down card section just to see the designs. I love the colors and whimsical pictures and the sentiment. Christmas cards are one of my favorite things. I've send them to friends and family since my 4th year in college. I think I inspired my friends to do the same. It's just one of the best things to me and everyday this Decemeber I've been running to my mailbox to see who sent me one today.

This year I've been a little disapointed. Maybe I'm a Christmas cards snob. Maybe I think Christmas cards say a lot about who you are and therefore should be fabulous, if you are indeed fabulous. There are 4 Christmas cards so far this year that feature a picture of a couple, of a couple and a dog, or of a single child. OK, so, we all know about the picture on a postcard with printed Christmas wishes. But, really. If you don't have children don't do this. This is velveeta. This is a Christmas card hoax. I can't display a flat piece of paper. What do you want me to do with this thing, put it on a tray, use it as a coaster. What is going on people, were are the real Christmas cards. I sent Cranes this year and you give me velveeta. Oh, Christmas, my heart bleeds to you!

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