christmas is dead

or so my tree is. My poor Christmas tree is dropping needles like it’s green snow. It also smells a bit. I know, you’re thinking that of course it smells, smells like its balsam piney self, but no. It smells like fermenting sappy water, which is what is happening in its little stand. Ew, gross. I know, but I went through this last year too and was hoping against hope that my tree was fresher this year and this wouldn’t happen. So much for hoping.

Today I’ve been to three different target stores. Why? Well, because the first 2 didn’t have The Bourne Identity, which my dad wants for Christmas. Barnes and Noble didn’t have it either and I can’t get it from Amazon without paying a buttload for express shipping. Target it had it 2 weeks ago, but that was before I decided I wanted to get it for him. Bahumbug and all that noise.

While in target I noticed some Hershey kisses bags by the register and upon closer inspection saw that they were pink and red. That’s right people, Christmas isn’t over, Hanukkah barely is, and Kwanza hasn’t even started, but hurry quick, get your Valentine’s Day chocolates now!!!!!!!!!!! Oh my God!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

In happier news I’ve been added to Jewish Blogography . I’m honored. Although I’m way down near the bottom of the page and
I have no idea who is running the website I am just honored. Part of me wants to be Jewish so I’m even more honored. Go Jews since it seems Christmas is in fact dead.

And if you sent me a Christmas card or Snowman card (for my Jewish friends) then thanks and here they are displayed in my living room (minus those God forsaken photo things with the printed Christmas wishes that I have no idea what to do with, but thanks for think of me anyway!).

the fallen

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