My favorite acapella song in college was "insomniac." Partly because I am a half-breed insomniac and partly because I drooled over the men who sang the song in their all male group. I've been staying up later and later in the last two weeks because I'm naturally a night owl. I get exhausted during the day and wind up taking a nap when I get home and then again with the late night. This is why I'm a half-breed, a full-breed could go without the nap, I can't. I do go to bed each night with the intention to be asleep my midnight, but it usually never works. Tonight I'm up looking for movie times because I can go see movies in the middle of the day any day next week. I think my late nights these past weeks are just training for the next 2 weeks off from school. That's right suckaz, I've got 2 weeks of freadom ahead of me. I know, you're jealous and you wish you got paid nothing for teaching snotty nose kids all day just so you could have a nice winter break. It's a perk, I know, but let me tell you something else. If I had a nickel for every germ I'm exposed to, I'd be a millionaire, instead I get good vacations. So, go back to your desks, computers, and paperwork, I'll be wiping kids noses until 3:30 on Friday then I'll be up LATE night for the next 2 weeks. SuckaZ!

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