I've already gotten my most favorite Christmas gifts and it's not even the big day yet. Both came via mail and both were from my Aunts. The first was a large package yesterday with a small box inside. It said "open early" so I did. Inside were two glass ornaments shaped like purses and precious namecards with a purse on each one. My Aunt E. is totally excited about my knitted purses. She's trying to sell them to stores for me in NC. Her present was a show of support.

The second present came today in a small bubble wrap package. There was no note or message, just my Aunt A.'s address on the outside. I opened it, not sure why she was sending me a package in addition to her Christmas card. Inside was a beautiful shoe bage, a luxury item used when traveling to keep you most precious shoes safe. It is adorable, white with a pastel colored, high heel mule embroideredon it. She had it personalized too with a scripted A. It's awesome.

Christmas is a great time of year not because I love presents, but because I love giving them too. It just feels good to give someone something you know they will love. For me, as my Aunts hit the nail on the head, it's all about purses and shoes. May your fetish wishes be complimented by similiar gifts. Merry giving and even merrier receiving!

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