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It is snowing outside. The second day of snow which calms and warms me. That’s a strange thing, that snow warms me, but it does. It promises things like down comforters, days off of work, slowing down, hot chocolate, soup, knitting, and movies.

It’s one of the reasons why I love Virginia, the weather. Virginia provides the variety of four full seasons. Summer is hot and muggy with frequent thunderstorms. Fall is crisp with many colored leaves crunching underfoot. Spring warms the air and bursts forth its life with brilliant, bright colors. But winter, my favorite, brings cold nights and snow.

There hasn’t been a time when I didn’t love snow. It isn’t a nuisance, it doesn’t scare me to drive in, it’s a great thing to play in, and great thing to eat. When I was child, we made snow cream. We’d get a big bowl, go outside and scoop up fresh snow then run inside quickly to add milk, sugar and vanilla. We’d eat it until it turned to soup, which happened pretty quickly. This was before we understood about acid rain and we trusted that our snow was clean and healthy. Now, I wouldn’t eat snow if you paid me. And yes, I know not to eat the yellow snow, thanks.

For two straight nights, I had dinner with my nieces and nephew because the weather brings on comfort food and there is no better food to share. Tonight, I gave the girls a bath, my favorite thing to do because when a 2 year-old trusts you to wash her hair without fuss, you know you have accomplished something. I even put the 2 year-old to bed, with her mother in the next room. It was amazing that there was no crying for her mother, but I’m sure she was just exhausted. Sometimes, on days like these, days with snow and happy children and good food, I wish for a family of my own. One day maybe, one day.

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