the beat less leave me breath less

Do you have any idea how amazing the Beatles are/were/will be? I just don’t think you have an idea. I don’t think we praise them enough. I know, I know, they are icons, they are mentioned all the time and everyone talks about them as inspiration, but have you listened to EVERY single song? Because you SHOULD. I’m serious. I haven’t been this astounded or moved by talent and genius in well, EVER. I know I love U2, but I think, no I know, the Beatles trumps them. Sir Paul indeed. Oh my God. I don’t even mean this from a music fan stance. I love music, but I don’t know anything about it. I once gave really bad advice during a recording session when some musicians were stuck on a particular part of a song. I learned then and there, surrounded by talent and genius I don’t even understand, that I know nothing about music and how it is made and that I should shut up. I’m not shutting up about the Beatles. Oh my God. You have to download or buy EVERY song. You need all of it. There are no “best of’s” for these guys. You need to hear their evolution. You need to hear the stuff that they did. How they freaking made pop music. Oh my God. Why did either of my brothers never let me borrow their Cds. Why am I only just now realizing this? Do you even realize? Everything you hear today can be traced back to them. Are you kidding me? Why did I not know this? My brother played for me an underground Cd that a DJ made by mixing Jay-Z’s “Black Album” over the Beatles “White Album.” My brother called it genius. I don’t know about that. Groundbreaking, maybe. Ingenius, yes. But plain genius, no. It sounded like garbage to me, but it just shows you that the Beatles are in everything. They’re like water like oxygen like neutrons. My nieces and nephew will understand. They beg for “Sgnt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Clubs Band” from the backseat of their minivan. At 8 and 4 and 2, they’ve been exposed to more music in that minivan than you and me put together. If they don’t grow to be musical geniuses themselves, at least they’ll know them when they hear them and they’ll know that the Beatles, the Beatles are somewhere in the background. Oh my God, buy EVERY song. Right. Now.

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