reason #452

I had a big post I was writing for you. It was about my childhood and friendship and baking. But, it got lost somewhere in the comos that is the black hole of Microsoft Word. I would just like to point out that the only programs that I ever have problems with are ones made by the evil PC loving world. People in PC land hear me, "APPLE COMPUTERS NEVER CRASH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AND WE DON'T GET VIRUSES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AND I'M SORRY YOU THINK YOU ARE COOL, BUT YOU ARE NOT BECAUSE THE WINDOWS INTERFACE YOU USE IS A COPY TO THE ORIGINAL MACINTOSH OPERATING SYSTEM. SO SUCK IT AND IF YOU LEAVE A COMMENT ABOUT HOW OBNOXIOUS THIS POST IS THEN I WILL CUT YOU!!!!!!! I'M JUST A LITTLE FRUSTRATED AND I'M ALLOWED TO BE. IT'S MY BLOG. GO GET YOUR OWN PC LOVING BLOG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Ok, I'm done. And I'm a little bit sorry. But, not really.

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