sleep late, dream more

Your own bed, like a sanctuary from the harsh elements of the world, a retreat from things that need to be retreated from. Mine is all white, a pristine island in my home, safe and warm and cuddly. I’ve filled it with mountains of pillows, a featherbed and the biggest, fluffiest down comforter I could find in the states. Needless to say, I love my bed and many a weekend it is extremely difficult to get out of.

I love Dove dark chocolate squares. When I’m feeling like indulgence I buy a bag and place them in pewter Jefferson cups in my living room. At night, while watching the telly, I’ll reach over and grab one and suddenly there’s a little bit of heaven in my mouth. Dove has become a packager of messages as well as chocolates. Each wrapped bit of pleasure comes with a tiny piece of advice. Even though I find them annoying, I compulsively read EVERY single one when I unwrap the chocolate. My one and only favorite was “sleep late, dream more.” I couldn’t have said it better and I couldn’t agree more and in my bed it’s easy to do.

Technology, while at many, many times I am confounded by the complicated ways that everything in your life can communicate with each other wirelessly, I am secretly in love with this idea. I’ve had an Apple Airport base station for about 3 years. Yes, it was hella expensive when bought it. I never got it to work until yesterday. That’s right, yesterday, but now I can be online anywhere. I can walk and blog, but why would I want to do that when I can do it from my bed, my cozy cuddly bed. Bloggin’ from my bed, it’s the best and worst thing for me. But hey, I could get behind a message like “sleep late, blog from bed.” And I will.

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