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Sent: Thursday, April 10, 2003 5:52 PM
Subject: london day 6

Long day again. Woke up to breakfast and words that the war is over. Is this true? Haven't heard any news during my day so I'll wait to get back to the hotel. It's cool to hear the British side of the news. Of course, the news is better here because it's just the facts, not the dribble analyzing stuff we get in the states (yes Dad, FoxNews is a JOKE!!). The news and paper focus on what the British troops are doing of course and it seems as though they are the ones who have taken and have control of Basra. Before I left, I thought we were fighting along side each other, but according to the news over here the Brits and the Yanks have split up the country. Anyway, so started the day by going to Paddington Station to make sure I could easily find my way to the Heathrow Express for Sat. morning. Looked for platform 9 and 3/4, but no luck. As traveling on tube today reading a book by a british writer I was reading a bit about two friends (one who is actually living in NYC, but in London to visit) meeting for tea at Sloane Square. The irony is that at the exact time I read that sentence my trained pulled into Sloane Square. Strange when the stars allign like that. Then to Victoria Station to Buckingham Palace. Toured the Royal Mews and saw the carriages that carry the royals, brilliant stuff. Decided was hungry and would grab a bite from a sandwhich shop. Ordered a Brie sandwhich which I thought would be just that, but no, it had butter on it. Um, who puts butter with brie, isn't that a little redundent in terms of turning up the fat? Then tried to tube it to the Tate Modern, but went to Tower Hill rather than London Bridge (got the Tower and London Bridge mixed up), but as I popped out the station, realized my mistake and was looking at the Tower of London I thought "haven't been here in a while, why not" (sound familiar?). So, took tour and saw the crown jewels and saw where sweet Lady Jane Gray was beheaded and now buried. The Beefeater tour guide was great, very lively. It started to drizzle and continued on and off all day, but not bad. Yesterday it snowed for about 5 minutes, that was strange. Then to the Tate Modern, for real this time. Saw some great stuff, a Jackson Pollack circa his splatter years and some Matisse and Miro and what not, good stuff I'd say. Then to Leicester (that's Lesster) Square to get another half price ticket. This time for "Tell Me On A Sunday." It's a remake and extension of Andrew Lloyd Webber's work from about 20 years ago. It's a one woman, one act musical. Fabulous! I gave a standing O! It's about a 28 year old London girl who goes to NYC to live because she needs a change (ironic much). It just opened on April 4 so I'm glad I got a chance to see such a new show. Then tubed it home. Got caught up in my book and missed one of my connections so had to backtrack. Then here again to write to you. Hope all is well, who knows about tommorrow as I have many plans for my last day, but I can't possibly squeeze them in. Would anyone mind if I just defected and stayed a bit longer???? For those Les Mis fans out there, ONE DAY MORE!!!!!!!!!

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