it’s like the new version of forwards and i hate those things…

It’s this newfangled thing called “meme” and it’s only for the cool kids with blogs. Thanks Kristin. Somehow I will repay you!

How many books do you own?
I’ve never counted, but I’d bet about 200. If you add children’s books and acadmic books then that jumps to about 350.

What was the last book you bought?
Real Sex: The Naked Truth About Chasity by Lauren F. Winner. I love all of her books and this is her latest. I just want to know what she has to say on the subject.

What was the last book you read?
The Secret Life of Bees by Sue Monk Kidd. It took me like a year after this was popular to finally read it. It was great and even a bit healing for me. I recommend it highly.

Name five books that mean a lot to you, and that you´ve read more than three times.
Save for poetry I don’t believe in re-reading books. There is something about reading a book for the first time that I don’t think you can recapture on the 2nd or 3rd go ‘round. I’ve only done it with two books. Maybe I need to change my tune about the re-reading thing, anyway, here are some important books.

Jacob Have I loved by Katherine Patterson. I read this in middle school and couldn’t put it down. It stayed with me and when I studied young-adult literature in my Education classes I chose to re-read this book. It resonated as much for me in college as it did in middle school. Katherine Patterson is an amazing author and I would recommend all her books no matter your age.

While I Was Gone by Sue Miller. Loved it.

Girl Meets God by Lauren F. Winner. Made me think lots and lots. I would give this to anyone who is questioning or searching for faith. It’s not a Jesus save me book, but it’s a great way to jump start questioning your beliefs and why you believe them.

Tuesdays With Morrie by Mitch Album. I know, so cliché, but this book came to me at a time I needed it and it taught me a great deal. I love it when that happens.

Native Son by Richard Wright. In a last ditch effort to switch my major in college to English I signed up for any English class that was open. One of them was African-American literature. I thought I would hate it. I thought it would be a study more of history than of literature. It was and it wasn’t, but this book opened a door for me. I will never close it again. I hated reading in college even though I chose English as my major, but this book was one of a handful of required books that I full on finished and I loved it. Read it!

Challenge five people to fill this out in their blog:
Sadly I only have one real friend who has a blog and she’s the one that tagged me. And, the only virtual friend I think that I could tag playfully would be Andre. So, go to it Andre, if you so desire.

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