wedding bell blues

I was gonna ask if it was a book or a song or a diagnosis. Well, I’m a novel and song short because apparently it is.

It seems I’ve missed the boat on all counts and yet the ships keep passing me by. I’m off to my one and only wedding this weekend. It’s an amazing feat, that there is only one wedding this summer AND I’m not in it. Whoa!

You see, I do the wedding circuit. You know the new movie, Wedding Crashers, yeah, that’s like my life except I’m the perpetual bridesmaid or actual guest. Somehow though I feel like a wedding crasher, well, at least like it’s all crashing down on me, the notion that this is SO NOT happening for me. Yes, yes, the world’s smallest violin. I see you in the corner rubbing your thumb and middle finger together. Well, tra la to you because I do want it. And yet I don’t. Hell, I can’t even commit to moving in to an apartment with a friend and when a boy gives me his number I refuse to call because I can’t, I physically can’t. It’s not within my power. It’s like the sixth sense that God forgot to give me, that sixth sense of commitment.

Anyway, cheers to J., she’s a sweetheart and I love her and couldn’t be happier or prouder of her. She’s so “rockin’ an’ rollin’ an’ whatnot!”

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