did you just call me a b**ch?

No, but I am heading to the beach! Off for the yearly beach trip with the family. It’s an oh so exciting let’s-play-with-all-the-children-that-have-overwhelmed-our-lives week. And the children are fabulous, but I don’t even have a man to make noise in my life much less 5 children so I do a lot of trying just to get some peace and quiet. And the beach, well it’s not really my favorite. I hate sand. I hate saltwater. What I do love is the beach at night, when most people are asleep and the moon lights up the water and you feel like you are looking at the edge of the world. Yeah, that’s pretty cool.

So, while I'm off running around with children who have sand in their diapers, J.L. will hopefully be posting in my stead. I’ve asked her to write a commentary about a late weekend night we once had in graduate school with a huge group of… lice. That’s right people, lice. Rock it J.L.!

Audio 5000.

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