geez i sound like i'm moping, but really i’m not

It’s November and it’s hot outside. Nights are still chilly in the 50s and with windows open, big down comforters are perfect, but the days are full of high 70s and today 80 is the high. It’s a strange juxtaposition; short sleeve shirts and changing colors of leaves on the trees. November is suppose to be cold or at least colder, a readying for December and the official start of winter and the hope of snow.

I’ve decided that if marriage does not in fact allude me, which let’s face it, it will, I will marry in the Fall, in November to be exact. I want my bridesmaids to wear brown and carry green bouquets. Man, I could though a party too. There would be candlelight and just because none of my friends have done this, I might just make it black-tie. Why not?

Whatever November will hold no weddings for me. November will always be a month where things are changing and readying for their winter hibernation. It will be the month where the fall harvest is taken and gardens begin to die. November will always be the ending of the things for me, and quite possibly never the beginning.

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