in which i bore you and place lots of commas and ellipses

I hate cleaning. I think you know this. If you don’t then, well welcome, I hate cleaning. In fact, shamefully, I usually put it off until company is coming or my mind just cannot take the upheaval any longer. (There is, of course, something to be said about a physical environment matching the inner workings of one’s mind). But, yesterday, for some strange reason, I got the cleaning bug. I scoured my kitchen, cleaning nooks and crevices, which were so tiny I thought about getting out a Q-tip (notice the word “thought”). And then I moved to the bedroom.

I’ve been aching to redo my bedroom for a while. I hate my carpet, but I can’t get rid of the hideous beast because my complex requires carpet and I refuse to go and buy something that I may not use when and if I do move from here. So, there’s that. Then there is the fact that my bedroom was basically like someone walked into the room and screamed to the furniture, “Up against the wall with your hands in the air,” and the furniture pitifully succumbed. And, so, boredom came creeping in and the first thought I had was, “Move the bed!”

While my bed is technically on wheels, those wheels are at least 50 years old and while “wheeling” it around, one wheel just decided to give up, pack it in and fall off. Thanks for your support, literally. Strangely, too, I haven’t felt any sort of tilt in the bed since then. In my mind I was going to turn the bed an complete 90-degree turn, but in the turning the bed landed catty corner and I thought, “Well, hmm, I kinda like that.” And thus is stayed.

I’m not sure what it is about changing the position of your bed, but I literally feel renewed. Maybe it’s like your bed is your lookout post on the world and when you shift it around a bit you get a different view. Let’s hope this view is better, I’ve had a rough fall. Here’s to winter, a new year and a catty-cornered bed.

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