i think i may be cursed

I hate cleaning. I’ve said it a million times. I may love cooking and baking and decorating and everything else that is domestic, but you will never hear me talk about the joys of cleaning, never. It seems that the gods of dishwashers know this and thus torture me with lackluster machines that force me to wash the dishes before they “wash” the dishes. The dishwashers in my life have really been sanitizers and this displeases me so much in more ways than laziness.

Real Simple magazine this month talks about how pre-washing your dishes before putting them in the dishwasher is a waste of energy and water and in turn, bad for environment. I knew my dishwasher hated the earth, and me. I’m not the biggest earth friendly person. I just put out 5 bags of trash yesterday, but it doesn’t stop me from wishing that I were better in my goodness to the earth. And then, I drive an SUV. Whoops.

After a heated debate with my brothers a week ago I’ve done some research on Ethanol. It seems it’s a pretty little answer to our woes over foreign oil and our mass production of all things bad for the air we breathe. But, the Ethanol mixture in my SUV seems to be causing my gas guzzingly point-A-to-point-B machine to guzzle even more gas because Ethanol may burn cleaner, but it burns faster. I guess whether I want to or not I’m paying for helping reduce emissions. Kinda. And cursed or not, I’m OK with that. I just wish my dishwasher would get on board.

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